About The LLama

Started and formed in 2006, Insane LLama Productions is a small independent production company based out of Orange, CA / Gurnee, IL.

We specialize in making commercials, music videos, real estate videography, and narrative work for potential clients and businesses. Our work is clean, professional, and exciting which clients will be proud to show to everyone anywhere.

With over ten years of experience in the business, professional schooling, and multiple certifications we know what we are doing. We promise that the work will be done right and more importantly on time. Please contact us if interested with working with the LLama.

Besides our professional business work, Insane LLama is best known for their own narrative work done over the years. We have created over 400 short films, plus an additional 100+ music videos. The shorts have ranged a large magnitude of run times from as little to 2 minutes up to almost feature length at 60 minutes. No genre is left out as there have been shorts in almost every one, including drama, action, thriller, comedy, horror, etc. Visit the websites video page where you can be entertained for days with films for you to enjoy!

These people are the actors who've been considered active with Insane LLama at some point of time. To be considered a regular, an actor was in 4-5+ short films, with most of those being unplanned for 'fun' projects. (Listed in Alphabetical Order Based on First Name)


Insane LLama